The Force

“Well, the Force is what gives a Jedi his power. It’s an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us; it binds the galaxy together.”
―Obi-Wan Kenobi —



Manifestations of the Force, which were mentally-based abilities and tapped through the practitioner’s willpower, could take all forms, and included telepathy, psychokinesis, and enhanced physical and metaphysical perception. The Force could be used to bend the will of weak-minded beings and guide an adept’s body. Users who were very good at using the Force could cease merely reacting to their surroundings and actually predict events in the very near future, such as the next blow in a duel.

In addition to enhancing their own skill, Force users were capable of channeling the energy of The Force directly into the world around them. The Sith were infamous for making heavy use of this ability to conjure Force-lightning, or Force-choke enemies by constricting their windpipes. The Jedi preferred to use their abilities to heal and protect; closing wounds and shielding others with barriers of Force energy.

The Force played a major part in the Jedi use of a lightsaber, in that their heightened awareness kept them from accidentally injuring themselves while using the weapon in combat, as the blade had no relative weight, making it difficult to judge its position. Similarly, the Force allowed a Jedi to use his/her lightsaber to deflect incoming blaster bolts. The Force also came into play during the construction of a lightsaber, both in assembling its intricate innards, and the initial charging of the power cell.


PERMISSIONS: At least one aspect representing that you are a Force-user, 1 Refresh
COSTS: Aspects, Stunts, Skill Points

Force User must have an Aspect or High Concept that reflects their Force Sensitivity and The Force Sensitivity Power for 1 Refresh. Force Sensitivity provides the following:’

  • Once per scene you may spend a fate point to use Will in place of any other skill for one roll.
  • You may use the Empathy skill to sense presences in the Force as if using Notice (passively) or Investigation (actively searching). This can be resisted actively by another Force user as their full action with an opposed skill roll using Deceive or Stealth.
  • You get to describe your actions with any skill as aided by the Force, but beware the Dark Side when you do so.
  • For a Fate point you may use Will to move light objects (something the size of a lightsaber or a blaster pistol) up to one zone away. This requires an Overcome action with a difficulty set by the GM based on what is going on around the character.


DEFLECTION (-1 Refresh)

You may defend against attacks from blasters using the Fight skill instead of Athletics while you are wielding a lightsaber. If your Athletics skill is equal to or greater than your Fight skill you gain a +2 defense bonus instead.

REDIRECTION (-1 Refresh)

Requires Deflection. When you succeed with style on a Deflection roll, you may choose to inflict a 2-shift hit on your opponent.

FEAR (-1 Refresh)

DARK SIDE. Force fear was a dark side Force power and possibly a dark side variant on the Jedi mind trick, used by Sith and Jedi with dark side tendencies. The wielder would strike directly at the deepest parts of the target’s mind, causing an uncontrollable shaking fear that would wreak havoc with the target’s capabilities. Through pure force of will alone, a user could cause them to lose their courage completely, and if left undefended, the effects could be severe, rapidly demoralizing the enemy with a feeling of hopelessness and regret. Depending on the victim, it would caused them to either cower defenselessly or flee from their opponent outright. This allows the character to use their Will skill to make mental attacks doing Damage: 2.

FARSEEING (-1 Refresh)

Once per session, define a new aspect with a free invoke without using an action or spending a fate point, as long as you can describe it as having used the Force to foresee what would happen.


Gain a +2 bonus in overcome actions to sense other Force users in the Force.

FORCE CHOKE (-1 Refresh)

DARK SIDE. Once per scene, use Will to make an Overcome roll resisted by the target’s Will. If the Overcome is successful then starting on the next exchange the Force user may inflict a point of physical stress per exchange ignoring the opponentʼs armor rating when doing so. The choke can be maintained at the cost of all other actions although it will end if the choker takes damage or is distracted. The target may attempt to break the choke each turn with their Will.

FORCE CLOAK (-1 Refresh)

The character remains unseen by cloaking themselves in the Force. Gain a +2 bonus when using Stealth in an Overcome action or when actively attempting to go unnoticed by someone trying to sense you in the Force.

FORCE HEALING (-1 Refresh)

With Force Healing a Jedi my use Empathy in an Overcome action with the difficulty based on the shift value of the consequence. Mild is Fair +2, moderate is Great +4, and severe is Fantastic +6. A successful Empathy roll will justify the healing of a consequence although it will still take the normal length of time for the body to repair itself. This ability cannot be used on one’s self only on others.


The Force can often bring insight to those that are open to it. When using Investigation the character can make an intuitive leap and gain a +1 bonus to Overcome an obstacle like finding clues at a crime scene or searching a cluttered room for an item or learning a particular fact from a series of files. For every two shifts over the needed difficulty reduce the time it takes to find clues by one step on the ladder.

FORCE LEAP (-1 Refresh)

Fall safely from any height and Gain +1 zone of free movement or ignore a scene aspect that would hinder your movement from one zone to the next (including vertically) if it could be overcome by a prodigious leap.


DARK SIDE. By drawing onto your anger, you unleash a stream of lightning at your foe. You may make Ranged attacks using nothing but Will when you draw on the Dark Side. These attacks are at Weapon 2 and ignore armor unless it is insulated.

FORCE PILOT (-1 Refresh)

With their situational awareness heightened by the Force, Jedi Pilots are some of the best in the galaxy. Use Notice in place of Pilot when at the controls of a vehicle. If both skills are equal or if Pilot is higher then gain a +2 to the Pilot skill.

FORCE STORM (-1 Refresh)

DARK SIDE. Activated by anger you unleash a storm of lightning at your foes. You may make Ranged attacks using nothing but Will when you draw on the Dark Side. These attacks target all targets in an area for Weapon 0 damage and ignore armor unless it is insulated.

FORCE SURGE (-1 Refresh)

Spend a FATE Point and for the rest of that scene the character can move a zone without the -1 penalty for a supplemental action and gain +2 to Athletics skill for the purposes of movement and describe Force leaps, Force speed, or other acrobatic maneuvers.

FORCE THROW (-1 Refresh)

To throw something one zone requires an Overcome Action with Will to generate a number of shifts equal to 1 plus the weight factor of the target (a normal person (human, chiss, duros etc.) has a weight factor of 2, a jawa has a weight factor of 1, a wookie is 3). Each additional zone costs as much as the previous zone did plus one, so the cost increases dramatically over distance. If a target is suspended by another power such as Move Object then reduce their weight factor to 0. If a target hits an object before traveling the full distance they and the object they hit take damage equal to the remaining shifts left from the Force Throw action. Force users may counter this with their own Will roll action. Any shifts generated by the attacker are applied normally.


Force Track is a Force power that allows a Force-user to peer into the Force for guidance, picking up the lost path of their quarry. The Force User can track a target with Empathy instead of Survival. If the Survival skill is equal to or higher than their Empathy then they receive a +2 bonus to Survival instead. For a Fate point the tracker can follow their target even if there is no visible sign or means of doing so.


By sinking into a healing trance a Jedi my use Will in an Overcome action with the difficulty based on the shift value of the consequence. Mild is Fair +2, moderate is Great +4, and severe is Fantastic +6. A successful Empathy roll will justify the healing of a consequence although it will still take the normal length of time for the body to repair itself. This requires uninterrupted meditation in a relatively quiet place to initiate. While in the trance a Jedi also uses less oxygen and can extend any life support by one step on the time table per every two shifts the difficulty is exceeded.

MECHU-DERU (-1 Refresh)

Mechu-deru was a rare Force power that allowed the user to sense the complex structures of technology, and allowed for intuitive understanding of how complicated structures, including machinery and circuitry, fit together. Some Jedi — especially Jedi tech experts — used this ability to strip down, and then rebuild and upgrade a vast variety of machinery, from blasters to hyperdrives. Use Empathy in place of Mechanics when repairing or modifying any technological object or droid. If both skills are equal or if Mechanics is higher then gain a +2 to the Mechanics skill.

MIND TRICK (-1 Refresh)

The character can use Will in place of the Rapport skill. If the Rapport skill is equal to or higher than their Will then they receive a +2 bonus to Rapport instead.

MOVE OBJECT (-1 Refresh)

A Jedi may use Will in place of Might to lift objects. To move heavier objects requires a Fate point per turn of movement. The character makes an Overcome Will roll with opposition equal to the Size of an object (see Vehicles) while moving a sentient requires a Will Overcome action versus their Will or Physique (they chose). They may move the object a number of areas equal to the a points of effort generated over that difficulty per exchange.

SABER THROW (-1 Refresh)

Requires a Lightsaber. The Force user, whether by manually locking the blade in the ‘on’ position or holding in the activation button using the Force, can throw the lightsaber in a boomerang fashion, with it cutting its way through obstacles and (usually after deactivation) returning to the hand of the caster with in the same Exchange. Use Fight to make an attack with a Lightsaber up to 2 Zones away but at a -1 penalty due to the extra effort required to direct it to the target and back with the Force.


Once per scene, you can offer the GM a fate point and ask a yes or no question in the form of “Is [simple statement of a fact] true?” The GM can accept the fate point and provide an accurate answer (yes or no) or refuse it if the answer is ambiguous or the Force is being clouded by some outside entity.

SENSE LIFE (-1 Refresh)

Use Empathy instead of Notice to feel the presence of living creatures nearby even if you could not normally detect them with your physical senses. If your Notice skill is equal to or greater than your Empathy skill you gain a +2 bonus to Notice instead.

TELEPATHY (-1 Refresh)

Make an Empathy roll to sense the target’s emotional state or send a short message (a few words) to the target. Difficulty depends on how close an emotional bond you have with the target, whether he or she has a Force aspect, and distance. A success with style provides deeper insight or allows a longer message of several sentences to be sent.

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