The Crucible


The Crucible is a Jedi Training Cruiser that served the Jedi Order for over a 1000 years. The Jedi Cruiser was manned primarily by droids and served as a transport and library of Jedi Lore for centuries. The ship was shot down by pirates during the Clone Wars but the Jedi Order salvaged it because the archives of the ship and its ties to the Old Republic. However, at the close of the Clone Wars it was considered lost with all hands when General Gisaku Saberota confiscated it to protect it from the Empire and fled Coruscant. It was not seen for over 100 years until discovered by Jaden Windu. Amazingly enough the General, who had been grievously wounded and placed in medical stasis, had survived and was revived after the vessel was discovered. Unfortunately some of the archives that were kept aboard the ancient ship were lost to the ravages of time and what is there can often be difficult to decipher because of codes and ciphers that were placed on them as a security measure by the Jedi Council of old.

Jedi Training Cruiser


  • Ancient Jedi Training Cruiser
  • Brilliant Engineering
  • Incomplete Jedi Archives


Weapons +0
Maneuver +0
Shields +2
Systems +2
Size +5
Stress: OOOO
Refresh: 3


  • Concussion Missile Launchers: Make an attack as if a target is 2 size categories larger. So a cruiser can attack a Size 3 Fighter without penalty and a size 2 speeder at -1 to hit and +2 to damage. Targeting a freighter with Concussion Missiles would be at +1 to hit but doing a -2 to damage.
  • Spaceworthy: The vehicle is particularly well-designed, giving +2 to its crew’s Mechanics rolls to maintain, repair, or otherwise keep the vehicle flying.

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