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Cortree Tincove

StarWarsPortraits2_Joe.png Cortree Tincove was born on the Outer Rim planet called Raxus Prime. The junk yard of the galaxy. Cortree had an innate ability to fix things and seemed to understand droids on an intuitive level. When he revived an old droid on General Saberota’s old Jedi Cruiser he was excited at first to be talking to a walking piece of history. That delight turned to horror when the droid tricked him and started on a killing spree with General Saberota as its prime target. He managed to drive the droid off with the help of the General and Galen Argyus. Argyus revealed that Cortree’s innate ability to understand technology was because he was strong in the Force. He joined the Jedi Order and is being trained to be a Jedi by General Saberota.

Galen Argyus

StarWarsPortraits2_GalenArgyus.png After losing his parents and his sister to Trandoshan Slaver’s Galen Argyus was left on the surface of Kashyyk and was surely doomed. But Master Tosh Diath felt his cries of distress in the Force and came to his aid after he had survived adrift for months in the Shadowlands. Master Diath took the 6 year old child back to the Jedi Praxeum on Yavin IV and trained him to be a Jedi. Galen became an able Jedi and dedicated himself to protecting the peoples of the Outer Rim against slavers. His zeal has put him at odds with the Hutts and the Corporate Sector as well as the Jedi Council on many occasions. It has also made him something of a folk hero on the Outer Rim.

Gisaku Saberota

StarWarsPortraits2_GisakuSaberota4.png Gisaku Saberota is a famous (some say infamous) Jedi of the Clone Wars. As a General of the Grand Republic Army he served with distinction through many campaigns. He was on Coruscant facing a Jedi Tribunal for the tragedy of Cassandra’s Hope when Order 66 was given and the clone troopers turned on the Jedi all but wiping them out in one fell swoop. Anakin Skywalker, now Darth Vader, led the assault to kill the Jedi at the Jedi Temple and capture all the knowledge held within its walls. Gisaku was severely wounded in the battle with Vader and only barely survived long enough to fly his Jedi Cruiser packed with several Jedi Padawans and many priceless artifacts from the extensive Jedi Archives and lead an assault on a Venator Class Destroyer taking it over. He succumbed to his extensive wounds after they made the jump to hyperspace. From their his memories are very fuzzy. He does not know what happened to the Padawans he helped to liberate because he was placed in medical stasis and stayed their for the last 100 years. He was discovered and revived recently, after being in stasis for over 100 years, and had to have extensive cybernetics implanted to save his life.

Jaden Windu

StarWarsPortraits2_Windu.png Jaden Windu, great nephew of the famous Jedi Master, Mace Windu, is a young Jedi Knight who is noted more for his pursuits as an archaeologist and a scholar than a warrior. He has proven to be a capable Jedi and has no interest in living up to the legacy of his famous ancestor. His accomplishments have been impressive in their own way. He led the expidition that discovered the ancient Jedi Cruiser, The Crucible, and was responsible for reviving the infamous Jedi General Saberota. He also showed impressive insight into the Force when he saw a shatterpoint in the Force of the Hutt’s defenses and saved the Republic naval forces at the Battle of Socorro.

Mazer Val’Zian

StarWarsPortraits2_TwilekJedi.png Unlike most Jedi Mazer Val’Zian spent much of his life living on the edge of society working as a low level con man and burgular in the Outer Rim territories. He used his fledgling and untrained ability with the Force to aid him on several heists. Maze eventually got himself into a situation he couldn’t get himself out of, crossing the wrong person at the wrong time. He only survived because of the efforts of Galen Argyus. Galen sensed Maze’s connection to the Force and saw that he was on the precipice between the light and the dark. Maze owed the Jedi his life, and was wise enough to see where his life so far had gotten him (nearly dead). He’d also matured a bit, and thus willingly became a Jedi student. He’s reformed a lot since then, but he still has the wild streak, and despite his training, will likely never be convinced to abandon it fully.

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