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Character Creation is largely unchanged from the basics found in Bulldogs. Although I have always felt like 10 Aspects is too many. We will trim that down to 5. Aspects start with a High Concept and a Trouble followed by the Phases Trio. Describe your First Adventure and then describe how you crossed paths with two other player characters as a Guest Star in their Adventures. You will need an aspect for each of these.


The GM and players of the game must select a Power Level for the campaign. This will determine the character’s starting Refresh, Skill Points and Skill Cap. Refresh can be reduced by selecting various races, Force Talents or Stunts as presented in the Bulldogs! book. Skills must be selected on a pyramid with a Skill Cap determining the max level they can reach at character creation based on the Power Level.

NORMAL (Fresh Meat pg. 45 Bd!)

6 refresh, 20 skill points, skill cap at Great (+4)
At this point the characters are well trained normals or perhaps a talented beginner. Some species might not be a viable option. The character will have to work REALLY hard to survive the grim realities of the galaxy.

PADAWAN (Trouble pg. 45 Bd!)

7 refresh, 25 skill points, skill cap at Great (+4)
At this level almost all the species are a viable choice and a character will be skilled enough to hold their own in most situations. Yet they will still have plenty of room to grow over the course of a game.

KNIGHT (Hard Boiled pg. 45 Bd!)

8 refresh, 30 skill points, skill cap at Superb (+5)
The character has gained quite a reputation and few can match their skill. The truly heavy hitters of the galaxy will take notice of such a character which is both a blessing and a curse depending on the day of the week.

MASTER (Serious Badass pg. 45 Bd!)

10 refresh, 35 skill points, skill cap at Superb (+5)
You have a reputation throughout the Galaxy as a major player and there is very little you can’t accomplish.


Below is a list of skills available to characters. It is a slightly modified list from the Bulldogs! game. The main difference is that I have added The Force Skill.

Academics, Alertness, Artillery, Athletics, Burglary, Contacting, Deceit, Empathy, Endurance, Engineering, Fists, The Force, Gambling, Guns, Intimidation, Investigation, Leadership, Medicine, Might, Pilot, Psychic, Resolve, Sleight of Hand, Stealth, Survival, Systems, Trading, Weapons


● Empathy (New use, see Extra: The Dark Side)
● The Force (Important skill for Force Sensitives)
● The Psychic skill is replaced by The Force skill



The Galactic Civil War raged on for 50 years after the death of Emperor Palpatine. While the Empire was rudderless and without a single leader for many years it was still a vast and mighty entity with nearly unprecedented military power. It took great sacrifice and herculean effort for the Rebel Alliance to push the Imperial forces to the Outer Rim of the galaxy. For while the Empire utilized a massive and fine tuned war machine it could not stand against the combined economic and military might of the galaxy.

When the Corporate Sector Authority abandoned the Empire toward the end of the war and made a treaty with the fledgling New Republic countless star systems that had suffered under the yoke of Imperial power were liberated. Most of them leaped at the chance to join the New Republic but there were some systems that resisted. The Hutts controlled hundreds of worlds and refused to accept the new galactic government and the Republic’s resources were stretched too thin to do anything about it.

For twenty years an uneasy peace has reigned between the Empire and the New Republic. The Empire, under the rule of the Fel Dynasty, has moderated many of its anti-alien stances and Imperial excesses while the New Republic has struggled to overcome all the errors that befell the Old Republic.

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