Alien Species

“In our efforts, we have learned that life is not rare. Rather, given a chance, life will occur. It is tenacious, aggressive—it seems to crave existence.”
―Tem Eliss, sentientologist


Species are unique lifeforms. They are generally divided into three classifications based on their level of sentience: sentient, semi-sentient, and non-sentient. There are over 20 million sentient species known to the galaxy. Sentient species are sometimes erroneously referred to as races, which more accurately referred to groups or subspecies within a species.

To make a character of a certain species all that is needed is mention of it in your High Concept. The entries for the different species also have 3 other suggested Aspects that may be selected to better reflect the strengths and weaknesses of a particular species’ physiology, history and psychology. Finally, there are some species abilities that cost refresh. These are optional and represent the pinnacle of that species’ abilities.

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Alien Species