“Solitary. A bloodthirsty species. And aggressive.”
―The Murakami orchid, and Hestizo Trace


SWFotJ_Species_Whiphid.pngWhiphids are tall, muscled, furred sentient beings from the planet Toola. They are notable for their great tusks. On Toola, Whiphids live a primitive lifestyle, hunting caraboose and other large animals, such as the motmot, their favored prey. Their language consists of approximately six thousand words. As Whiphids came into contact with more technically advanced races that came to Toola to buy ice, they began to show great curiosity about the rest of the galaxy. Many Whiphids left Toola, supporting themselves as big game hunters, mercenaries, or bounty hunters.

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Whiphid Aspects

  • Physiology: Huge and Well Muscled
  • History: Primitive Tribal Culture
  • Psychology: Solitary, Aggressive and Bloodthirsty

Whiphid Abilities -1 to -3 Refresh

Cold Weather Immunity -0

Whiphids are immune to frigid temperatures as found on planets like Hoth.

Natural Weapon (Claws) -1

Whiphids have claws that provide them with Weapon 1 damage with Fists attacks.

Optional Whiphid Abilities

Whipid Toughness -1

Whiphid are remarkably tough gaining Armor 1 versus physical damage.

Damage Resistance -1

Whiphids gain an additional physical stress box.