Mon Calamari

“Make no mistake, the Mon Calamari saved the galaxy.”
―Mon Mothma―


SWFotJ_Species_MonCalamari.pngOn average, a member of the species stands between 1.3 to 1.8 meters tall and also smells of salt and the sea. They are a fish-like amphibious humanoid species with salmon-colored skin, webbed hands, high-domed heads and huge, fish-like eyes. They are equally capable of breathing both on land and in water with them being at home in either environment. Male Mon Calamari have protrusions on their chin called “barbels” which grow more numerous with age. Most Mon Calamari have salmon-colored skin, often mottled with light and dark patterns, though examples of other skin colors are known. The Mon Calamari are able to descend to depths of up to 30 meters below sea level without requiring breathing or pressure apparatus. Though they can breathe water, they find it somewhat uncomfortable, and use organic gills whenever possible. Mon Calamari can stay underwater for an indefinite period of time, although a frightened Mon Calamari, particularly a juvenile, can drown underwater. They also do not need to decompress when resurfacing.

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Mon Calamari Aspects

  • Physiology: At Home on Land and Sea
  • History: Legendary Determination and Curiosity
  • Psychology: Technically Advanced and Civilized

Mon Calamari Abilities -1

Breath Water –0

Mon Calamari can breath water as well as air.

Amphibious [–1]

Mon Calamari are equally at home in air or liquid environments. Mon Calamari don’t have to make an Athletics roll for normal swimming movements and they can move at their normal rate through liquid.


Mon Calamari