Cassandra's Hope

“This planet stands before us lifeless. Its atmosphere? Fatal without an Atmo-suit. Its Oceans and Plains? Frozen. But today, all of that will begin to change. Beneath its ice lays arable land that can grow more crops than you could possibly imagine. Its mountains can be mined for precious ore. Beneath its surface are gases that can be refined for the fires of industry and commerce! In the asteroids beyond the solar system, there is even more for the taking!
These World Engines will reshape this dead world. Not today or tomorrow or even in my own lifetime. But a hundred years from now, this world will become paradise. It will be a new hope. My Hope for a better home for those who have none…"
―Professor Cassandra Vao, founder of the Planet, 32 BBY―


Astrological Information

Region: Outer Rim
Sector: Sertar sector
System: Anuli System
Suns: Anuli
Orbital position: 2
Moons: 7
Rotation period: 30 standard hours
Orbital period: 375 local days

Physical information

Atmosphere: Type III Poisonous (Breath Mask Required), becoming a Type II
Climate: Extreme Temperate(In the process of Stabilizing)
Gravity: Normal

Primary Terrain:

  • Mountains
  • Plains
  • Valleys
  • Frozen Deserts
  • Lakes
  • Ruined Urban (Remains of Colonies and Factories)

Points of Interest

  • World Engines
  • Arcology Ruins
  • Catacombs (Beneath Surface)
  • Ruins (Recently Discovered)
Key Aspect:Old Wounds, Older Secrets


StarWarsPlanets_CassandrasHope.pngTPM-1138 was a planet forgotten by most of the Galaxy until it was rediscovered by a survey team in about 42 BBY. The world didn’t show up on most Star Charts. The few that did, left it without an official name.. The maps that did mention the world recorded it as being “Uninhabitable” and “Unsafe” despite an abundance of natural resources and a decent number of moons and nearby asteroids.

Professor CASSANDRA VAO, an ambitious and wealthy Planetary Engineer from the Royal Institute of Alderaan who grew up poor in the fringes of the Outer Rim decided to risk her own personal fortune and rebuild this world.

In 32 BBY, dropships deployed World Engines to change the planet’s climate and make the air breathable.

As Time passed, the project began to attract engineers and entrepreneurs. Eventually it attracted colonists who decided to deploy arcologies and set up factories to build a new life upon the world’s surface.

In its seventh year, a mining operation broke through a layer of rock and hit metal. They found not ore, but catacombs that seemed to stretch on forever. This attracted not just businesses, but archaeologists and scientist who sought to unlock the world’s mysteries.

By its tenth year, the population of Casandra’s Hope had risen from 7,000 to 7,000,000 Souls…

Then the Clone Wars Began.

In the first year of the war, Techno Union Army General THELSAMAR CHESKA conquered the colony, took the entire population hostage as slave labor and converted the world’s factories into Droid Foundries. Eventually, General Cheska further automated the Foundries and turned the enslaved populace into nothing more than his personal manservants. As the war continued, the droids the world produced increased as did the stories of Cheska’s growing madness and the atrocities he committed upon the colonists.

In the last months of the war, Jedi General Gisaku Saberota and his 506th Legion were tasked with liberating the world with the help of the local resistance.

The sheer number of battle droids the factories could produce combined with the fortified defensive positions on the surface of the planet and the cunning of General Cheska made the world impossible to liberate through conventional means. Diplomatic missions to the colony were all met with violence and even the local resistance became more radical the longer the occupation lasted.

After months without progress and all other options were exhausted, Gisaku and the resistance became desperate and acted.

In the days following the death of Count Dooku, the 506th used everything in their arsenal to free as many of the civilians as they could, filling their transports to capacity and secretly secured the rest in the catacombs and tunnels beneath the planet’s surface.

Then they altered the planet’s World Engines to create an Electromagnetic Pulse that would disable the droid forces on the surface long enough to turn the tide.

But, something went wrong with The World Engines and the EMP became a series of Ion Storms. The storms destroyed Cheska’s forces, but left millions dead, thousands turned into refugees and the world all but uninhabitable again.

A century later, the storms remained. The planet’s climate unnaturally fluctuated and great winds swept across the planet.

Recently, a team of Jedi led by the revived General Saberota returned to the planet and managed to fix the world engines. The processing of the world will continue and the world will heal, but the damage has been done.


Cassandra's Hope