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  • Matthias Tarkin

    h4. *Key Aspect:* Head of The Victory Without War Matthias Tarkin was born to great wealth that carried a legacy of blood, ambition and reputation. One of the youngest people to ever earn the Rank of Moff, Matthias surprised everyone when he took the …

  • Colonel Valarus

    h4. *High Concept:* Ambitious Imperial Researcher Among the various Research Units throughout the New Empire, Special Projects Unit 1138 is one of the most secretive. With a nigh-unlimited supply of funds, materials & personnel and working in the most …

  • Shogo The Hutt

    Shogo is not the richest, the most powerful, or even the most ambitious Hutt, but he is known as the best Fence in the Galaxy. If you need it, he has it, but the price he asks may be something that is not money.