Mazer Val'Zian

Twi'lek Jedi Shadow

“Just for you…. I’ll let you in on a little secret of mine, about how useful a distraction can be. Consider the following…..”

High Concept: Reformed Twi’Lek Jedi
Trouble: Soul of a Scoundrel

Additional Aspects:

  • Galactic Cosmopolitan
  • No Coincidence in the Force
  • A Sucker for Heroism
  • Superb (+5):
  • Great (+4): Will
  • Good (+3): Empathy, Stealth
  • Fair (+2): Burglary, Fight, Notice
  • Average (+1): Athletics, Contacts, Deceive, Rapport

Twi’Lek Speed (-1)

No -1 penalty to action when moving 1 zone as a supplemental action

Twi’Lek Heat Resistance (0)

Is comfortable and can survive in temperatures above what humans can.



PERMISSIONS: At least one aspect representing that you are a Force-user, 1 Refresh
COSTS: Aspects, Stunts, Skill Points

Force User must have an Aspect or High Concept that reflects their Force Sensitivity and The Force Sensitivity Power for 1 Refresh. Force Sensitivity provides the following:’

  • Once per scene you may spend a fate point to use Will in place of any other skill for one roll.
  • You may use the Empathy skill to sense presences in the Force as if using Notice (passively) or Investigation (actively searching). This can be resisted actively by another Force user as their full action with an opposed skill roll using Deceive or Stealth.
  • You get to describe your actions with any skill as aided by the Force, but beware the Dark Side when you do so.
  • For a Fate point you may use Will to move light objects (something the size of a lightsaber or a blaster pistol) up to one zone away. This requires an Overcome action with a difficulty set by the GM based on what is going on around the character.

FORCE CLOAK (-1 Refresh)

The character remains unseen by cloaking themselves in the Force. Gain a +2 bonus when using Stealth in an Overcome action or when actively attempting to go unnoticed by someone trying to sense you in the Force.

FORCE HEALING (-1 Refresh)

With Force Healing a Jedi my use Empathy in an Overcome action with the difficulty based on the shift value of the consequence. Mild is Fair +2, moderate is Great +4, and severe is Fantastic +6. A successful Empathy roll will justify the healing of a consequence although it will still take the normal length of time for the body to repair itself. This ability cannot be used on one’s self only on others.


  • PERMISSIONS: At least one aspect representing that you are a Force-user (usually a Jedi or Sith)
  • DAMAGE: 2
  • ASPECT: Cuts Through Almost Anything
  • TROUBLING: Activating a lightsaber identifies the character as a Jedi. Not everyone appreciates the Jedi and it can be a beacon for trouble.

JAR’KAI: (-1 Refresh)

When attacking with dual blades add +1 stress to any successful attack made.



Physical: OO
Mental: OOOO
The Dark Side: OOOO

High Concept: Reformed Twi’Lek Jedi
Trouble: Soul of a Scoundrel

Unlike a lot of twi’leks (at least in stereotype), Maze wasn’t ever a slave. He grew up as part of a lage twi’lek family on a planet of little historical note, Mecatol Nova, populated by many different species. He has more brothers and sisters than he really knows about. Both his parents had many children, not always with each other, although they remained together and raised all their children together (although he wasn’t aware of this, both his parents were employed as political seducers and manipulators). Mazer was aware of stories of force sensitives being sent away to the Jedis, so he hid his talent because he didn’t want to leave his friends and family. Buy the time it was discovered, he was in his teens, and his parents (being wise) knew he had to go train with the Jedi, as to do otherwise was dangerous for a force sensitive. Being a willful teenager who’s parents Didn’t Understand and one who Wanted to Live His Own Life (!!!!), he ran away from home (and planet, as a stow away).
The next couple years of his life is a bit of a blur of a bit of ‘scoundrally’ work, young man debauchery, working with/for people on the wrong side of the law. All of this was, of course, flirting with the dark side, unbeknownst to Mazer. He was never malicious, but had a strong selfish and hedonistic mentality.

This eventually came to a climax when he got himself into a situation he couldn’t get himself out of, crossing the wrong person at the wrong time, and was saved by a Jedi – Galen. He jedi recognized Maze’s talent, of course, and his precarious position between the light and the dark. Maze owed him his life, and was wise enough to see where his life so far had gotten him (nearly dead). He’d also matured a bit, and thus willingly became a Jedi student. He’s reformed a lot since then, but he still has the wild streak, and despite his training, will likely never be convinced to abandon it fully.

Mazer Val’Zian is a average height for a Twi’lek or human, with a slightly smaller frame. His skin is a deep blue, as is his eyes.

Phase One:
ASPECT: Galactic Cosmopolitan

Through his young adventures, Maze had exposure to many different cultures and races. He’s picked up a bit from each one, and it comes in handy when he can remember the correct piece for the given species or situation. However, this also means he may have a bit of fame, or even infamy, from his past that could prove troublesome.

The Grand Heist

In Maze’s story, he was tasked with retrieving a cache of light-saber crystals that was known to be on a planet in a system that right in the middle of space contested between CorpSec and the Hutts. Utilizing Jaden’s skill with local lore, and Cortree’s technical expertise, Maze was able to fabricate an circulate a very convincing rumor that a deposit of Bascar’gani, the light-saber resistant metal, was hidden on a nearby planet. With both forces drawn into conflict with one another, and otherwise occupied, Maze was able to retrieve the crystal cache right out from under them, with no one the wiser.

Phase Two: Guest Star

The Battle of Socorro with Galen Argyus and Jaden Windu

ASPECT: No Coincidence in the Force

This is where Maze was discovered and rescued by Galen. Maze had taken a job moving cargo from the Hutts, but later discovered that the cargo was slaves. Furthermore, one was Maze’s siblings. Maze planned a double cross to free them, but was caught. He was likely to be executed when Galen and Jaden showed up.

Phase Three: Guest Star Redux

A Storm of Echos with Gisaku Saberota and Galen Argyus

ASPECT: A Sucker for Heroism

Maze was part of a small party who went along with Saberta to ‘fix’ a troubled planet – one whose terra-forming machinery had gone haywire, and had subsumed sith-corrupted ruins. A colony ship had crashed on the planet. It was up to him, their guide Galen, and the Saberota (perhaps the only one who could stop the machines) to save them.

Mazer Val'Zian