Porbota the Hutt

The Great Feastmaster


High Concept: Notorious and Immensely Wealthy Hutt
Trouble: A Glutton in All Things

Additional Aspects:

  • Entertain Us…

Porbota , nicknamed “The Great Feastmaster,” is a rich Hutt with notoriously extravagant tastes who lives on Nar Shaddaa. Not content to remain in one place, Porbota flitts about the moon in his luxurious pleasure barge, pursuing whatever whim amuses him most at the moment. In keeping with his namesake, he throws enormous feasts, sometimes consisting of twenty-seven courses or more.

The origins of Porbota’s immense wealth remain a mystery, but his lavish spending is legendary on Nar Shaddaa, as is his insatiable appetite for new and unusual entertainment. It is said a person’s ability to amuse Porbota is the only barrier to entry onto his pleasure barge. However, as quick as he is to allow anyone into his presence for his own entertainment, Porbota is just as quick to grow tired of people, even the most freakish and outrageous members of his retinue.

Porbota the Hutt