Master Droast

Trandoshan Jedi Master

“Only a warrior chooses pacifism; others are condemned to it.”
―Master Droast―

High Concept: Gruff Trandoshan Jedi Sword-Master
Trouble: Tradition Bound and Rigid

Additional Aspects:

  • Master of Niman
  • An Excellent and Disciplined Teacher
  • Superb (+5): Fight
  • Great (+4): Athletics, Will
  • Good (+3): Empathy, Notice, Physique
  • Fair (+2): Deceive, Notice, Rapport, Provoke
  • Average (+1): Command, Shoot, Stealth, Survival
Trandoshan Species Abilities (-2 Refresh)

Lizard Hide -1

Trandoshans have a thick scaly skin that provides them with 1 point of armor against physical damage.

Regeneration 0

No wound is permanent for Trandoshans. Even extreme consequences will heal given enough time—usually a couple of years, but sometimes as fast as a few months. Even lost limbs or organs will regrow.

Cold Blooded +1

Cold blooded species need external heat or cooling sources to regulate their body temperature. The GM can compel this attribute as if it were an aspect once per session. If the player wishes to avoid this compel, she must spend two fate points to refuse. Check out the Aspects chapter for more on compels (page 55).

Great Strength –2

Some Trandoshans gain a +1 to all Might rolls. They also get a +1 whenever using Might in conjunction with grappling. This also allows them to inflict a 2-stress hit on an opponent as a supplemental action during a grapple.


THE FORCE (-1 Refresh)

  • PERMISSIONS: At least one aspect representing that you are a Force-user, 1 Refresh
  • COSTS: Aspects, Stunts, Skill Points

Force User must have an Aspect or High Concept that reflects their Force Sensitivity and the Force Extra costing 1 points of Refresh. The extra provides the following:

  • You may use the Force and the Dark Side of the Force (described below).
  • You may spend a fate point to use Will in place of any other skill for one roll.
  • You may use the Investigation or Notice Skill to sense presences in the Force. This doesn’t really have any functional effect. It just means you can sense other Force Users.
  • You get to describe your actions with any skill as aided by the Force, but beware the Dark Side when you do so.

DEFLECTION (-1 Refresh)

You may defend against attacks from blasters using a Fight skill while you are wielding a lightsaber. Requires Lightsaber.

REDIRECTION (-1 Refresh)

Requires Deflection. When you succeed with style on a Deflection roll, you may choose to inflict a 2-shift hit on your opponent.

FORCE LEAP (-1 Refresh)

Fall safely from any height and Gain +1 zone of free movement or ignore a scene aspect that would hinder your movement from one zone to the next (including vertically) if it could be overcome by a prodigious leap.

FORCE THROW (-1 Refresh)

To throw something one zone requires an Overcome Action with Will to generate a number of shifts equal to 1 plus the weight factor of the target (a normal person (human, chiss, duros etc.) has a weight factor of 2, a jawa has a weight factor of 1, a wookie is 3). Each additional zone costs as much as the previous zone did plus one, so the cost increases dramatically over distance. If a target is suspended by another power such as Move Object then reduce their weight factor to 0. If a target hits an object before traveling the full distance they and the object they hit take damage equal to the remaining shifts left from the Force Throw action. Force users may counter this with their own Will roll action. Any shifts generated by the attacker are applied normally.

MOVE OBJECT (-1 Refresh)

A Jedi may use Will in place of Might to lift objects. To move heavier objects requires a Fate point per turn of movement. The character makes an Overcome Will roll with opposition equal to the Size of an object (see Vehicles) while moving a sentient requires a Will Overcome action versus their Will or Physique (they chose). They may move the object a number of areas equal to the a points of effort generated over that difficulty per exchange.


  • PERMISSIONS: At least one aspect representing that you are a Force-user (usually a Jedi or Sith)
  • DAMAGE: 2
  • ASPECT: Cuts Through Almost Anything
  • TROUBLING: Activating a lightsaber identifies the character as a Jedi. Not everyone appreciates the Jedi and it can be a beacon for trouble.

FORM VI: NIMAN (-1 Refresh)

Use Will instead of Athletics in rolls involving entering zones or preventing others from doing so. Apply a +2 bonus if both Athletics and Will are the same rank or Athletics is greater.

NIMAN – Pushing Slash (-1 Refresh)

Requires Force Throw. Gain a +2 bonus Force Throw while invoking an advantage or aspect created by the Fight skill.

NIMAN – Draw Closer (-1 Refresh)

Requires Move Object. Gain a +2 bonus to Fight attacks while invoking an advantage or aspect created by the Move Object power.



The Dark Side:


A rare Force-sensitive Trandoshan, Master Droast was raised at the Yavin IV Jedi Temple from infancy, trained at the academy there until he achieved the rank of Jedi Knight, and later, Jedi Master. He is well known as an excellent sword instructor and has taught all Jedi from Yavin IV in the basic techniques of lightsaber combat in his beginner classes. He also teaches advance classes in Niman which he has mastered. He is famed for his gruff but fair teaching style.

Master Droast