Kara Saleem

Altruistic Young Padawan

“The Galaxy is a place of terrible contradictions. Plenty of food, but trillions go hungry. Lavish lifestyles for a few, but poverty for too many others. Huge advances in medicine while mothers die every day in childbirth, and children die every day from drinking dirty water. Billions spent on weapons to kill people instead of keeping them safe. This must change if we are ever to be considered a civilized culture.”
―Kara Saleem―

High Concept: Master Diath’s Altruistic Young Pantoran Padawan
Trouble: Naive and Inexperienced

Additional Aspects:

  • Small But Fierce
  • Highly Attuned to the Force
  • Passionate Defender of the Weak
  • Superb (+5):
  • Great (+4):
  • Good (+3): Will
  • Fair (+2): Empathy, Notice
  • Average (+1): Athletics, Fight, Rapport


PERMISSIONS: At least one aspect representing that you are a Force-user, 1 Refresh
COSTS: Aspects, Stunts, Skill Points

Force User must have an Aspect or High Concept that reflects their Force Sensitivity and The Force Sensitivity Power for 1 Refresh. Force Sensitivity provides the following:’

  • Once per scene you may spend a fate point to use Will in place of any other skill for one roll.
  • You may use the Empathy skill to sense presences in the Force as if using Notice (passively) or Investigation (actively searching). This can be resisted actively by another Force user as their full action with an opposed skill roll using Deceive or Stealth.
  • You get to describe your actions with any skill as aided by the Force, but beware the Dark Side when you do so.
  • For a Fate point you may use Will to move light objects (something the size of a lightsaber or a blaster pistol) up to one zone away. This requires an Overcome action with a difficulty set by the GM based on what is going on around the character.


  • PERMISSIONS: At least one aspect representing that you are a Force-user (usually a Jedi or Sith)
  • DAMAGE: 2
  • ASPECT: Cuts Through Almost Anything
  • TROUBLING: Activating a lightsaber identifies the character as a Jedi. Not everyone appreciates the Jedi and it can be a beacon for trouble.

DEFLECTION (-1 Refresh)

You may defend against attacks from blasters using the Fight skill instead of Athletics while you are wielding a lightsaber. If your Athletics skill is equal to or greater than your Fight skill you gain a +2 defense bonus instead.

SENSE LIFE (-1 Refresh)

Use Empathy instead of Notice to feel the presence of living creatures nearby even if you could not normally sense them with your senses. If your Notice skill is equal to or greater than your Empathy skill you gain a +2 bonus to Notice instead.



Physical: OO
Mental: OOOO
The Dark Side: OOO

High Concept: Master Diath’s Altruistic Young Padawan
Trouble: Naive & Inexperienced

Kara Saleem was born a pauper on Pantora in the Outer Rim. She suffered in poverty after her parents were taken by creditors and placed in a work factory. They both perished there. She was discovered by Master Tosh Diath at the age of six living in squalor in one of the Waste Zones outside of Pantora City. She was taken to the Jedi Praxeus on Yavin 4 and learned the ways of the Force there.

Phase One:

Adventure Title: The Shattered Peace

Aspect: Small But Fierce

Master Diath was tasked to negotiate a peace between rival factions in the Corporate Sector and Hutt Space. He and his young Padawan were making headway and convinced the Hutt ambassador to meet with them. That was when the Mandalorian mercenaries attacked. Master Diath took on the full brunt of the assault and was knocked unconscious by a rocket attack. As the Mandalorian mercenaries closed in on the fallen Jedi Master they were surprised when his young Padawan jumped out of cover and stood over his insensate form with her lightsaber activated. Kara was able to fend off the Mandalorian’s fierce attack with surprising ability until Master Diath awoke and drove them away. After that the Jedi Master was able to use the attack in the negotiations to broker a peace between to the two rivals.

Kara Saleem