Garek Malon

Loyal Jedi Enforcer

“Every being has a choice. Free to obey or disobey the Law. Your choice determines the consequences. Nobody ever did, or ever will, escape the consequences of their choices. Or escape me.”
―Garek Malon―

High Concept: Grand Master Veshraan’s Loyal Jedi Enforcer
Trouble: Rules are Absolute

Additional Aspects:

  • A Warrior Born
  • Master of Juyo
  • An Expert Tracker
  • Superb (+5):
  • Great (+4): Fight
  • Good (+3): Athletics, Physique
  • Fair (+2): Contacts, Empathy, Notice, Will
  • Average (+1): Education, Investigate, Pilot, Stealth, Survival


PERMISSIONS: At least one aspect representing that you are a Force-user, 1 Refresh
COSTS: Aspects, Stunts, Skill Points

Force User must have an Aspect or High Concept that reflects their Force Sensitivity and The Force Sensitivity Power for 1 Refresh. Force Sensitivity provides the following:’

  • Once per scene you may spend a fate point to use Will in place of any other skill for one roll.
  • You may use the Empathy skill to sense presences in the Force as if using Notice (passively) or Investigation (actively searching). This can be resisted actively by another Force user as their full action with an opposed skill roll using Deceive or Stealth.
  • You get to describe your actions with any skill as aided by the Force, but beware the Dark Side when you do so.
  • For a Fate point you may use Will to move light objects (something the size of a lightsaber or a blaster pistol) up to one zone away. This requires an Overcome action with a difficulty set by the GM based on what is going on around the character.


PERMISSIONS: At least one aspect representing that you are a Force-user (usually a Jedi or Sith)

  • DAMAGE: 2
  • ASPECT: Cuts Through Almost Anything
  • TROUBLING: Activating a lightsaber identifies the character as a Jedi. Not everyone appreciates the Jedi and it can be a beacon for trouble.

DEFLECTION (-1 Refresh)

You may defend against attacks from blasters using the Fight skill instead of Athletics while you are wielding a lightsaber. If your Athletics skill is equal to or greater than your Fight skill you gain a +2 defense bonus instead.

FORCE LEAP (-1 Refresh)

Fall safely from any height and Gain +1 zone of free movement or ignore a scene aspect that would hinder your movement from one zone to the next (including vertically) if it could be overcome by a prodigious leap.


Force Track is a Force power that allows a Force-user to peer into the Force for guidance, picking up the lost path of their quarry. The Force User can track a target with Empathy instead of Survival. If the Survival skill is equal to or higher than their Empathy then they receive a +2 bonus to Survival instead. For a Fate point the tracker can follow their target even if there is no visible sign or means of doing so.

FORM VI: JUYO (-1 Refresh)

When you succeed with style on a Fight attack, you may move 1 zone in addition to gaining a boost. If someone or something tries to stop this movement, gain a +2 to rolls to overcome.

JUYO – Assured Strike (-1 Refresh)

Gain a +2 bonus on melee attacks while invoking an advantage or aspect created by the Fight skill.

JUYO – Vornskr’s Ferocity (-1 Refresh)

When invoking a situation aspect or environment-based advantage in a Fight attack, you add +2 Weapon Rating to that attack.



Physical: OOOO
Mental: OOOO
The Dark Side: OO

Garek Malon